The Union Jack Cheese Box



Four handmade British cheeses representing the red, white and blue of the Union flag. You get over 1.2kg of cheese in this perfect cheeseboard combination.

Red – delicate and nutty Lincolnshire Red which is our take on a traditional Red Leicester recipe with a modern twist.

White – aromatic and unctuous Baron Bigod; a raw milk brie style from Jonny Crickmore and his team in Suffolk using fresh raw milk from his Montbeliarde cows.

White – Vintage Lincolnshire Poacher matured for over 18 months: it is a cross between a traditional West Country cheddar and an alpine such as Comte.

Blue – Colston Bassett Stilton in our opinion this is the finest Stilton in the land. The curd is hand labelled before draining which preserves the curd structure giving a luscious creamy texture and a rich lingering taste.

Please Note: Items may vary slightly from those shown.