Cheese Wedding Cake No 6



Approx 11.9kg

Serves 120-150 people

Four tiers from top to bottom:

Finn – a triple cream cow’s milk cheese made by Neals Yard Creamery in Herefordshire.

Colston Bassett Stilton – very creamy blue made by Billy Kevan in Nottinghamshire.

Lincolnshire Poacher –  selected and matured for 18 to 22 months, giving more depth and complexity with a nutty sweetness and long clean finish.

Ogleshield – a washed rind cow’s milk cheese made by James Montgomery in Somerset.

N.B. We just supply the cheeses for your wedding cheese cake, leaving the assembly and decoration up to you.

This is just one example – we are happy to help you create your own unique celebration cake. Call Tim on 01507 466987 or email